Scania 5-series engine Workshop Manual

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Scania 5-series engine Workshop Manual


This is download link only, no dvd’s or other media will be send by post. Make sure you got a good internet connection, preferable of 5MB in Download as minimum as you will need to download around 6GB ( to check your connection speed).
 If you have Dropbox installed on your computer or Google Drive even if you have a slower connection you can syncronise with the cloud and it will work downloading even if you have slower connection, sometimes for larger files then 10GB to syncronise you may need to make a subscription and might cost you. This is not our business so please check before buying on your own about this details or consider buying a DVD or USB version that we send by post (check our shop for other media version of the product).
For direct download if you got a fast connection when you download by browser you don’t need a paid plan to download.
This manual is preinstalled in VMWARE virtual system so you will need to have a computer compatible, VMware works usually in windows 7, 8, 10 64bit versions and MacOS but first is your duty to check if you don’t have any other application that might not be compatible with VMware and make this impossible to install in your computer. From what we know is not compatible with the latest Creators Update of windows 10 and Hyper-v only if uninstalled and require some technical skills.  Also check your hardware as well if support virtualisation with VMware.
This is NOT a PDF or Paper book Only if specified on the Title of the listing. This is not compatible with tablets and small devices.
Before mounting the image on VMware you need to extract the files with Winrar so make sure you know to use Winrar.
This product contain the following software:
-Winrar to extract your manual
-Vmware player to run your Manual
-The Manual image that will work on Vmware player.
For any problem or if you are not sure if your model is included please contact us so we can confirm that your engine code is covered. This workshop Manual has no Parts included . To check if wiring diagrams are included please contact us. thanks
This is General description.
 Here you can check your model engines variations:
For SCANIA vehicles of all world regions:
P-, G-, R-, T-series truck
4 Series truck
3 Series truck
F-, K-, N-series Bus
4 Series bus
3 Series bus
4-series engine
5-series engine
Multi Language:
English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German,
Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese




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