Installation Guide

Here you will find some help installing your workshop manual. We supply two kinds of manual; a “PDF” manual and a “Software” Manual. Each listing will advise you which type of manual it is and whether it is compatible with whatever you want to run it on. If you have purchased a PDF manual, then your installation process is simple. It will either be in PDF format or it will be contained in a .zip file which you need to extract to get to your PDF files.

All PCs and Macs have a built in zip extractor so you should be fine extracting your download. If you have downloaded it on a smartphone or tablet there are plenty of free Apps in the Play or App store for extracting a .zip file. To read a PDF file you need a PDF reader, again just about all PCs and Macs, smartphones and Tablets have a built in PDF reader these days so you shouldn’t need to do anything other than open it.

The following instructions are for the larger “Virtual Machine” Software manuals.

If you have purchased your manual on disc, the chances are the files below (except mac files) will be located on the last disc of the collection, so it’s worth looking there before having to download them from here. Ok, let’s get started.

Quick Start Check List

For PC’s you will need:

  • Winrar
  • VMware Player for PC’s

For Mac’s you will need:

  • UnrarX
  • VMWare Fusion

All necessary software will be provided in the download link at the moment of the purchase.

Your workshop manual application has been pre-installed for you on a virtual copy of Windows XP. This makes it very easy to run on any windows operating systems including 64 Bit machines plus Apple Macs and saves you the bother of a complicated installation process.

PC Installation

If you have purchased a download, once it has completed you need to extract the download using winrar (see above).

If you have purchased discs, then create a folder on your desktop and copy the entire contents of each disc to the folder you have just created.

As your manual is large it will be in “.RAR” format. This is an industry standard format to speed up downloading of large files, so what you will need to do is extract the files before installing the manual, here’s how:

Open the folder that contains the “WinRAR-release version.exe” file and click on the file to run the install process. 
 After you click the WinRAR install file, it will begin the install process by bringing up the install window. Make sure to review the terms of the license before you click “Install”


A – Read the terms and conditions for Win Rar and then click “Install”

After you click Install, WinRAR will bring up a Setup window that allows you to choose what files templates you would like to associate with WinRAR. After you select your options, click “OK”


A – Select All file types to associate with WinRAR

B – If you would like to have a shortcut for WinRAR added to the desktop and the start menu, check the boxes.

C – Click Okay once you have chosen the setup options for the WinRAR install.

It will quickly install the compression/UnRAR program and bring up a new window asking you for your next action. Either you “Run WinRAR” or click “Done” to run it at a later time.


A – Click “Done” and now you are ready to use WinRAR.

Now find the .Rar files you downloaded (or the ones transferred from your discs), select them all with your mouse and then right mouse click it and choose “extract here”.

Now double click the “vmwareplayer.exe” file located in your folder.

Once the installation box appears click Next. Then select your destination folder and click Next. Uncheck “Check for product updates on startup?” and click Next. Uncheck “Help improve VMware Player?” and click Next, and then click Next again. Now click Continue. Once installed, click “Restart Now?”.

Once restarted, start the application via the Desktop or Start Menu and select “Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click OK.

Now that you have installed VMware Player, you need to point it at the image file.

Open VMware player by double clicking the VMware Player icon on the desktop or Start Menu. Allow VMware Player to load and the menu screen will load. Click the “Open a Virtual Machine” and go to the folder you created/extracted on your desktop and open the VM folder (or VIRTUAL MACHINE folder). In that folder will be a file with the name “VM” or “VIRTUAL MACHINE” or something like “Peugeot_WSM”. In the left pane will be the name of the manual you are about to open. In the right pane, click the “Play virtual machine” link.

IMPORTANT: You will get a message asking you whether you “moved it” or “copied it”, you must select “I moved it” and OK.

A virtual machine of Windows XP is now loading. Once loaded, it will automatically login. Follow the Quick Start Guide on the desktop to run the manual.

If you are having any trouble you can raise a support ticket and we will help you directly with your install.